ERP Software

Accounts Payable

  • Inquiry for selected vendors.
  • Pay status of individual invoices along with due dates
  • Periodically reports should be generated from given dates from/to
  • Purchase Order Control.
  • Summary of Purchases
  • Purchase order Terms and Conditions
  • Ledger of Vendor Outstanding – Trial Balance for the same
  • Printing of cheques or online upload of text file
  • Payment for all invoices, part invoices, part payment and advance payments.
  • Age Analysis for all Invoices of Vendors
  • Allocation of Cost Center for all Transactions

Account Receivable

  • Customers' transactions.
  • Aging analysis should be done either on invoice date or due date;
  • Customer Classification
  • History of Customer Transactions
  • Printing of Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes
  • Sales Orders Controls
  • Summary of Sales
  • Ledger of Customer Outstanding and Trial Balance for the same
  • Reminder Letters to be Generated in Sequence
  • Allocation of Cost Center for all Transactions


  • Stock Register as on date (back dated also) across any store / sub-store
  • Costing of Products in different stores / sub-stores
  • Movement of Items and Vendor Purchase history
  • Minimum Order Level
  • Stock Analysis on basis of A B C Grading

Fixed Assets

  • Asset Valuation cost into smallest level of components
  • Depreciation calculation in different ways ( Straight, Income Tax etc ) which should satisfy accounts, Income tax and other financial institutes.
  • Each asset has unique system Generated Number
  • Grouping of Asset and Full Purchase Details
  • Depreciation Journal
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Sale of Assets
  • Track on Profit or Loss on Sale of Assets
  • New Addition to Assets Separate Report
  • Depreciation in such a way that on Old and New

HR, Employee and Payroll

  • Organization Structure Tree View
  • All Employee details like Bank accounts, Driving Licenses, Pan Card Family, health details, passport and other licenses details
  • Vacancies, New Appointments, Suspensions, Terminations
  • Employee In/Out – Outdoor duties notes, in between duty in/out, Time Sheets.
  • Leave Records – Applications, Sanctions, Enjoyed, Balance etc
  • Employee Transfer
  • Canteen Control
  • Housekeeping and other functions
  • Performance and Resource Control
  • Payroll Master Data like Employee Salary, Loans/Advances etc
  • Salary Revisions, Increments etc
  • Monthly Transactions and Reports, Compliances of All Government Departments
  • Full Payroll set up
  • Yearly or Periodically All modules, Reports as and when required


Type Single User & Multi User
Operating System Android, Window
Media Format DVD
Support Language English
Service Mode Offline & Online
Industry/Application Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Retail, Marketing, Data Analysis