NBFA Accounting Software

Accounts of types are maintained are as follows

  • Cash Certificates or Fixed Deposits
  • Savings
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Pronote Loan
  • Monthly Deposit Accounts.

Agents are collecting the amounts of Monthly Deposit and Pronote Loans from various peoples
Small firms, traders etc. Agent wise Collection is maintained

Transactions are maintained are as follows

  • Cash Receipt/Payments
  • Bank Receipt/Payments
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Monthly Collections
  • FDR Entries or Renewals
  • Interest Rates for Savings, Recurring Deposits, Savings, Pronote Loans, Cash Certificates are
  • parameterized And charted as per from month/year to month/year
  • Creation of New Accounts with all Details and A/c Numbers Generated Auto with Photo Signature
  • Images
  • Reports are as follows (All Reports can be printed for any given period to mention date from/To)
  • Cash Payments Register
  • Cash Receipts Register
  • Cash Account wise Summary Monthly
  • Cash Monthly Balances
  • Cash Books
  • Same for All Banks and Extra as
  • Bank Passbook to compare with actual Bank Passbook or Bank Statements
  • Journal Vouchers Register Regular
  • Journal Vouchers Register Interest
  • Journal Vouchers Register Depreciation
  • Monthly Collections Register Agent wise and Monthly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Capital List
  • Agent wise Commissions
  • Maturity List
  • Loan Defaulters
  • Loan Reminders
  • A/c Balance Confirmation Report
  • General and Sub Ledgers
  • General and Sub Ledgers Trial Balance with All, Only Transactions, Debit, Credit Balances
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • And MIS Reports as per requirements


Type Single User & Multi User
Operating System Android, Window
Media Format DVD
Support Language English
Service Mode Offline & Online
Industry/Application Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Retail, Marketing, Data Analysis