Payroll Management Software

Main Modules of Software are

  • Master
  • Transactions
  • Reports Monthly
  • Reports Yearly

Masters related to payroll like bank, grade, designation, PF, ESI, PTax, MLWF with periods dates from/To
Employee Master with photo, signature and all details of his personal, last employee, address permanent
and local with identification marks, his left date, left remark, posting details name of client/unit where
posted, his designation, salary details, cash bank a/c details for payment through bank

Attendance Entry with Client wise Employee wise per day basis or monthly basic,
temporary employee attendance who worked for another client/unit in lieu of regular employee
absent/transferred. In Attendance marking of OT, Working Hours etc
Transactions like Earnings, In earnings other allowances, rewards, incentives etc
Deductions other than compulsory deductions like PF, ESI, P Tax etc, while in Deductions other
deductions, Fine etc Uniform Deduction with all uniform details and amounts.
Salary Advance unit wise employee wise and others

Salary is processed for resigned persons and regular basis Marking of Resigned, Unpaid and Hold Salary
Provision of Payment of Unpaid Salary afterwards in full in part by cash/bank Earnings,

  • Deductions and Uniform Advance Registers
  • Attendance Register - Blank, Full, Monthly,
  • Attendance Register -ZERO ( In ZERO attendance Report employees who are absent for full month while some recovery is pending like salary advance etc )
  • Salary Sheet Area wise/Unit wise with Only Days, Full, Paid/Unpaid Resigned
  • List of Employees in that Month PF, ESI, PTax, MLWF is calculated by making club salary of same employee who is working at different units/clients in same month
  • Pay slips are Generated Area wise/Unit wise/Client wise

All PF Reports

  • w/o PF No Employee List
  • Employee wise Register
  • Client wise Register
  • Pension Limit Register
  • Non Pension Register
  • PF Challan Report
  • PF Form 5, 9, 10, 12A
  • Client wise Summary

All ESI Reports

  • w/o ESI No Employee List
  • Employee wise Register
  • Client wise Register
  • New ESI Members List
  • ESI Challan Report
  • ESI Form 5

Other Reports

  • A MIS Report of PF-ESI-PTax Club Report
  • Earnings Registers
  • Deductions Registers
  • Minus Salary
  • Net Salary
  • Salary Abstract
  • Salary Register of Same Persons who are working at different Units

All P Tax Reports

  • Employee wise Details/Summary,
  • Client wise Details/Summary
  • P Tax Challan Report

MLWF Register

Employee wise Client wise

Total Salary Payment Module in which Area wise/Unit wise/Employee wise Cash/Bank
Scheduling/Unscheduling of Payment Assignment of Chq Numbers for salaries depositing to banks directly
and for individual cheques Bank wise

Registers of Payment on Day to Day Basis Total Summary, Area/Party/Bank wise Summary All Types of
Vouchers Printing like Earning/Deductions, Salary Cash/Bank, Unpaid, Resigned


Type Single User & Multi User
Operating System Android, Window
Media Format DVD
Support Language English
Service Mode Offline & Online
Industry/Application Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Retail, Marketing, Data Analysis

Additional Information

Product Code Payroll Management S